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Armed with Knowledge: Mortgage Media’s GSE Coverage

We recently posted an article about the FHFA’s proposed modification to the servicer eligibility standards to be approved to sell and service for the GSEs. 

The proposed modifications, released on January 31, have been posted to allow for 60 days of comment. FHFA anticipates finalizing these requirements in the second quarter of 2020 and expects the requirements to take effect six months after they are finalized.

It’s a critical issue that Mortgage Media has been following every step of the way. We want to make sure you haven’t missed anything and are armed with as much knowledge as possible on this complex subject.

Here are the facts, insights, opinions and top 25 Mortgage Media posts you need:

  1. FHFA Purchase Only House Price Index – MBA Chart of the Week
  2. GSEs and FHFA, Housing Sales, Mortgage Servicing Policy, and Credit Availability
  3. Price Wars, Urban Fatigue, FHFA and Rates
  4. WSJ: Senate Banking Committee Sets Hearing Date for Calabria FHFA Nomination
  5. Industry Busy with IMB Conference, Shutdown Impact, FHFA’s GSE Plan and More
  6. Shutdown, GSEs, FHFA and Home Sales
  7. Senate Dems Raise Concerns About GSE Reform
  8. Stan Middleman: GSE Reform, Market Corrections and Election Year Impact
  9. Urban Institute Paper Looks at Administration’s ‘Perplexing Plans’ for GSE Reform
  10. Piecemeal GSE Reform is Risky
  11. Friday Wrap: October Effect, Labor Buoys Economy, GSE Shift
  12. GSE Decisions: The Devil You Know?
  13. Brian O’Reilly on GSEs, Tech and the State of the Market
  14. GSEs Lift 2019 Mortgage Origination Outlook
  15. Analyzing The Impacts Of Administrative GSE Reform
  16. Bloomberg Editorial Board: Keep GSEs in Conservatorship
  17. On the Precipice of Change: In Support of GSE Reform
  18. Moody’s Looks at GSE Steps Ahead – Disruption Risk High
  19. Two Days of Senate Banking Hearings on the GSEs
  20. Looking Closer at the President’s Budget and The GSEs
  21. Michael Bright: Looking Under the Hood at Ginnie Mae, GSE Reform and Securitization
  22. Parrott, Stevens and Zandi: How Chairman Crapo’s Outline for GSE Reform Might Work
  23. Senate Takes First Step On GSE Reform
  24. GAO Releases Report on GSE Conservatorship
  25. Jim Parrott and Dave Stevens Talk Leadership Changes, False Claims Act and GSE Reform



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