The Best of Dave Stevens

There are a handful of people that command (and have rightfully earned) attention when they weigh in on conversations. Dave Stevens is among those voices in the mortgage banking industry. Whether he’s interviewing other leaders, offering analysis on key issues or looking towards the future, Dave Stevens’s thoughtful insight and expertise about the mortgage space shines through. 

There was a lot to choose from, but here are just a few of his best pieces:

  1. Barry Zigas and Dave Stevens: 2019 Outlook Cloudy, But Not Without Hope
  2. Jim Parrott and Dave Stevens Talk Leadership Changes, False Claims Act and GSE Reform
  3. Deconstructing This New Debate On Credit Scoring Models
  4. CFPB’s Patch Expiration Should Sound Alarms to Mortgage Lenders
  5. Why Mortgage Lenders Love A Worried Economy
  6. Analyzing The Impacts Of Administrative GSE Reform
  7. Urban Institute Releases Chartbook, Plans Analysis Call
  8. On the Precipice of Change: In Support of GSE Reform
  9. Looking Closer at the President’s Budget and The GSEs
  10. Has Public Policy Failed To Increase Minority Homeownership Rates?
  11. Michael Bright: Looking Under the Hood at Ginnie Mae, GSE Reform and Securitization
  12. What To Do With the Loan Officer Compensation Rule? Focus Solely On The Consumer