5 Things Mortgage Newbies Need to Do Right Now

Group of millennial business people using mobile phones and sitting on couch. Networking and teamwork. Working on project with wireless technology and data. Happy friends texting with smartphones.

If you’re new to the mortgage industry there are some things you can do immediately to ensure you get up to speed quickly and stay on top of your game.

  1. Get Educated The terms, acronyms, and jargon. It can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out. Here are a few resources to help with the steep learning curve:

2. Start Networking – See if there are local meetups in your area. Hand out your business cards. Make friends with your peers as well as your competitors. For such a big industry it really can seem like a small world where everybody knows everybody. That’s a good thing. You can make connections and form relationships that might be beneficial down the road. You might even get lucky and find someone that could end up having a mentor-type role in your career.

3. Join a Trade Group –There are several large associations on the national and regional levels that represent the industry. These groups typically have educational components, networking opportunities, conferences, and even career development. These trade groups often have working groups and committees that advocate for the industry and shape policies and regulations. There are also trade groups and associations that focus on specific groups – women, Hispanic mortgage professionals and more.

4. Attend a Conference – Going to a conference is a like an intensive crash course on the industry. It’s a chance to spend several days to network with other mortgage professionals, attend educational panels and sessions, and hear industry thought leaders share their expertise.

5. Stay Up-to-Date –Subscribe to industry-related news feeds. Sign up for newsletters. Set Google alerts for terms related to your job. These efforts will enable you to stay on top of the news, get analysis of current events and happenings, and see the latest trends. The more you know, the better you can perform at your position.