Fintech Product or Pharmaceutical?

Like other industries (yes, we’re also looking at you Big Pharma), fintech startups are coming up with some off-beat and odd names for their products. 

Naming a product is no easy task. Hopefully, the name will be catchy or at least memorable. Product names are an important component of marketing and branding and often have the potential to impact success. Companies can spend tens of thousands of dollars in an attempt to get it right.

Product names often take widely different creative approaches. There are straight-forward ones that aim to directly and clearly communicate what a product does or the problem it solves. Others are more subtle trying to evoke a feeling or emotion. Still others are a mashup of multiple words or simply a made-up word that may sound somewhat familiar. And then there are products names that are hard to pronounce and even harder to spell. They resemble a tipped over Scrabble board and leave you shaking your head. 

Recently, we noticed some similarities between some fintech names and monikers for pharmaceuticals. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which is which!

Check out our list of 21 product names. Some are fintech-related, others the names of drugs. Can you figure out which you need to run some aspect of your mortgage business or if you’ll need a doctor’s prescription?

Hint: 13 of these are fintech-related.

  1. Virpack
  2. Yonsa
  3. Sectral
  4. Floify
  5. Mers
  6. Nexsys
  7. Qualia
  8. ReoPro
  9. Finastra
  10. Actos
  11. Totus
  12. Lacoda
  13. Jevtana
  14. Adcirca
  15. Clara 
  16. Yervoy
  17. Sindeo
  18. Lenovium 
  19. Alocril
  20. Nextiva
  21. Chetu

So, how’d you do?

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