Mortgage Humor: Working from Home

    We are all facing uncertain and challenging times. In the last few weeks, there have been many changes that impact our daily lives and the way we do business. But if you look hard enough sometimes there is a silver lining or at least a humorous slant to many of the disruptions.

    Here are 10 unexpected consequences of dealing with the new, and, hopefully, short-term realities of being a mortgage pro working from home.

    1. Realizing that achieving regulatory and data compliance is easier than getting your kids to stop coming into your home office.
    2. Crushing it at conference call bingo. 
    3. The joys of pantsless eClosings.
    4. Your pet has heard its name as much as the word refi and now answers to both.
    5. A power lunch now entails a bowl of Cap’n Crunch while on a Zoom call with co-workers.
    6. Breaking out into spontaneous air-guitar solos between closings.
    7. Your frequent use of acronyms has your teens wondering if you know some new hip lingo and are possibly cool. Sadly, they eventually figure out you’re not.
    8. Declaring that any online meeting that takes that longer than the washing machine’s spin cycle should have been an email.
    9. Your spouse thinks you are in a thrupple with Fannie Mae and Ellie Mae.
    10. Your family’s blatant disregard of referring to you as CMB during business hours.