Sunday, April 18, 2021

Bill Kelvie


Bill has had a long and varied career in information technology, starting as a programmer and project manager. He went on to be a technology strategist, ultimately advising thirty investment and money center banks on Wall Street and internationally. He next joined Fannie Mae, one of his clients, as Chief Information Officer. His tenure there is noted in Good to Great by Jim Collins and was the basis for inclusion as one of the Renaissance CIO’s, a group of fifteen executives identified and studied for leadership skills at the Haas School of Management of UC Berkeley. Kelvie went on to found Overture Technologies, a start-up focused on harnessing expert systems to solve thorny problems such as awarding student financial aid, paying for college, underwriting mortgage loans and performing loss mitigation. After a decade he stepped down as CEO and now serves as an advisor to young companies as well as CIO’s. Bill is currently a co-founder, with Joseph Smialowski, of The Innovation and Workforce Discontinuity Initiative. This project is focused on researching and recommending solutions for the disruptive effects of technology on the American workforce. More information can be found at Bill has a master’s degree from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.