The Two Daves: Looking at Changes and Challenges

Welcome to the inaugural episode of “The Two Daves” – a semi-regular discussion featuring two mortgage industry gray hairs on opposite ends of the political spectrum, covering issues that the mortgage industry faces today.

Featuring Dave Lykken of TMS Advisors, and Dave Matthews Mortgage Media, we hope you enjoy their discussion!

In this episode, they cover:

  • Their backgrounds, how they met, and the changes they have seen in the industry over the past 30 years.
  • New faces replacing the founders of today’s mortgage industry (Angelo Mozilla, Felix Beck, Jim Johnson, Jess Hay, Frank Raines)
  • Changes in the Industry
    • Rise of non banks
    • Gradual adoption of technology and standards
    • Increased regulation
    • The internet
  • Is Mortgage Banking two different lines of business?
    • Originations
    • Servicing
  • Immediate Challenges
    • Is Covid-19 like the financial crisis of 2008
    • Who is at most risk?
    • What permanent changes might we see coming out on the other side of the Pandemic?